Package wonderly.jeaprs.aprs

Interface Summary
APRSStatusListener This interface defines the event processing done by APRSEventGenerators when various events happen.
APRSUIFactory This interface defines the set of methods that a clients getUIFactory must provide in the returned value.
BadPacketListener This interface is used by modules wishing to listen for bad packets as they arrive in the system.
BrowserAccess This interface defines the methods that are typically in an Applet and which need to be provided for some of the JeAPRS code.
LCDDisplay This interface is provided to standardize access to an LCD character based display.
WhizWheel An interface to be implemented by a whizwheel interface class
WhizWheelListener Types of events a whizwheel generates

Class Summary
APRSAction This abstract class provides a basic foundation of an java.awt.Action that provides the ability to associate the action with a JCheckBoxMenuItem.
APRSDigi This is a Digipeating module meant to be used for KISS enabled TNCs.
APRSMessagePanel This is a JeAPRS module/client that provides APRS text messaging.
APRSOut This class wraps a delegate OutputStream to provide one place for APRS output packets to be managed if there is output control that needs to be done.
APRSPosit This is a JeAPRS APRSClient that implements the sending of position reports based on the configured parameters.
APRSStatusEvent This class is used to convey events related to APRSEventListener objects.
APRSStreamHandler This class contains methods for processing a of APRS packets and separate APRSPacket objects.
BadPacketTracker This class can be used as a general bad packet tracking mechanism.
EventObject This class recreates the java.util.EventObject classes basics for use in J2ME where this class is not defined.
JLCDDisplay This class defines a JComponent object that provides an LCD like display object that is a 40x4 character based display.
JWhizWheel This class provides a remedial control that implements the ability to do up and down value manipulation and a select button.
WhizWheelEvent Events from a whizwheel object will come in this object

Exception Summary
APRSException Exceptions generated specifically due to APRS processing errors
InvalidPacketConfigurationException A APRSData subclass has not completely been initialized before an attempt was made to send it as an APRS packet
ModeNotSupportedException TNC access mode not supported exception message.